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I am Alle Monster, hear me ROAR!

ΑΦ - DePaul University - Chicago

I sing opera and derp. This is a personal blog.
I just want to do fun crafting things all day long, and play with animals, and do a bunch of really freaky stuff in the bedroom

But nooooo I have to have adult responsibilities

Ugh *drowns sorrows in guacamole and a treadmill*

So… apparently my ex girlfriend is a coven-tard


And self proclaimed satanist wiccan

#no #stop #whatareyoudoing #ugh

You keep saying these words… I don’t think you know what they mean…


To clarify… I’m not out to demean or discourage anyone who becomes interested in the Wiccan religion or practice of witchcraft as a result of an interest in American Horror Story: Coven. I welcome anyone who feels spiritually drawn to this path. We all get introduced to it in some odd form (for me it was Scooby-doo).
Not so much into people killing animals for satan, stealing crystals and boasting that they’re Wiccan though. That shits not Wicca. You iiiiiig-nant *snaps*

crywitch: : D you're amazing, Extremly helpful with Wiccan things and run an amazing person blog

Witches united!